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Sep 28, 2002
Cragnotti arrested by police
Wednesday, 11 February 2004

by Nadia Carminati & Lorenzo Zacchetti
Former Lazio president Sergio Cragnotti has been arrested in relation to a bankruptcy inquiry.
Italian police were order to detain Cragnotti by a Rome court as part of the investigations into his food company, Cirio.

The firm were declared insolvent in November 2002. Cragnotti resigned from his position at the Biancoleste three months later.

His son Andrea and son-in-law Filippo Fucile have also been arrested while his daughter Elisabetta has been banned by the judge from having any role in the company.

Both his siblings had key roles in the boardroom during his time as majority shareholder of the Serie A club.

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Feb 18, 2001
Lazio is still owned by Cirio (35%) and Cragnotti (15%), but this 50% have been put on sale last year. This bankruptcy process that chases Cirio and Cragnotti shouldn't have a major impact on Lazio as the finances from Cirio were cut a long time ago. Lazio is now surviving with the help of the banks and cutting down on players' saleries.

I think :) *aca* where are you? :D


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Jul 12, 2002
I don't think it will affect Lazio as I believe Cragnotti has nothing to do with the club again?

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