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Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
Oh Counter strike!!

Jejej i have never played it, but i have a friend of mine who is an addict.

I have seen him playing this game, and is totally insane!!.

Very very entertaining and funny if you like the "First person" shooter games!.

Sadly i dont know how to use the "Mouse" properly on this kind of games.


StrikerMania Champ 2004
Jan 11, 2003
Well your right about the easy addiction to CS.

Then you should try to play Diablo 2....

Watch out for thoose 2 games...


Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
Oh my!!!! Diablo 2!!!!! I really loooooooove Diablo 2!!!

Hahah i ended twice the game with the Sorceress!.

But the best thing of the game, is to form a party with your friends and go to kill monsters...or fight against the people on the net!.

Its really really addictive!.

Sorceress ruls!


Senior Member
Nov 16, 2001
It is extremely unaddictive, the only thing that happens in this game is that you die. And that is the only thing you do except for the time you watch the other guys trying to kill while you are dead. You wait ten minutes until the other guys are dead, and what do I wait for, oh yes to become dead. I have about 15 seconds in life before I become dead. During that time I walk around and before I even have the time to reload my weapon I am dead. It is just a game of death and death has never been my kind of thing.

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