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Jan 12, 2002
Forget about the boring stats, and know more about Francesco Totti, the player:

  • 1. Totti was born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. His Western horoscope sign is Libra (the scales).

    2. He can be spotted in the number '10' shirt wearing a white headband (not part of the strip). Totti is famous for his goal celebrations in the Roman derbies.

    3. He spent his entire footballing career with AS Roma.

    4. He became famous in the world stage thanks to his great performance with Italy in Euro2000.

    5. His best friend is Alessandro Nesta, captain of arch-rivals Lazio. Totti and Nesta are nicknamed Romulus and Remus (the twins who discovered Rome).

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Jul 23, 2002
++ [ originally posted by dpforever ] ++
(the twins who discovered Rome).
They did not discover Rome
they made Rome
came from the womb of a female wolf
hence the wolf in Roma's clubn symbol
They where the first citizents of Rome according to the fairytale
the founding sons

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