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Apr 22, 2003
Del Piero celebrates ten years at Juve

JUVENTUS captain Alessandro Del Piero begins his tenth season in Bianconeri colours this term and confirmed he is hoping to pen a new deal to remain longer at Stadio Delle Alpi.
The Azzurri international's current deal expires at the end of next season and although he is yet to ink a new deal, Del Piero says he does not envisage any problems.

"I haven't signed yet," said the striker. "But there aren't any problems. It's just a matter of time."

The 28-year-old also revealed how, over the summer, his thoughts returned many times to the Champions League final at Old Trafford, where his side lost out on football's biggest prize to Serie A rivals Milan.

"It's obvious you still think back to the match, but also to the fantastic season we had," added Del Piero.

"This is a part of our experience. The enthusiasm for our Scudetto win and the disappointment of our Champions League final.

"It's a big experience that will be useful to us to face up to the challenge of the new season.

"We must struggle to win all the competitions, also because our group has been strengthened with important players."

Del Piero will get the chance to revenge his Rossoneri tormentors as the two battle each other on August 3 for the Italian SuperCup.

"It will be a match with a special taste," he added. "Because we played each other in the Champions League final, there will be further stimulation."


Congratulations Alex! I hope he stays with us for many more years to come, and continues to improve as a player. Forza DP!!!

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