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Apr 22, 2003
Okay first-off, I admit that this is a complete rip-off of strikermania, and the rules you're gonna read below are copied and pasted from the strikermania page. It's just for fun, but I'm gonna need some help with it, so PM me if u'd like to help run this came.

Concede-A-Mania Rules and Regulations

StrikeraMania is the game that's all about conceding goals. All you have to do is pick 5 goalkeepers for Serie A action and hope they lose form for you.

Sounds easy? As well as choosing 5 goalkeepers, you also decide how many points they score for each conceded goal, from 5 points down to 1. So it's not just about who you choose, but how many points you put them down for.

You can select players from any position, but it's usually the goalkeepers that concede the goals

Here is an example of an entry:


Peruzzi - 5 pts
Toldo - 4 pts
Marchegiani - 3 pts
Buffon - 2 pts
Frey - 1 pts

Suppose Peruzzi concedes 2 goals, Toldo, Marchegiani and Buffon 1, and Frey 0. Your score would be:

code: Peruzzi - 5 pts x 2 = 10 pts
Toldo - 4 pts x 1 = 4 pts
Marchegiani - 3 pts x 1 = 3 pts
Buffon - 2 pts x 1 = 2 pts
Frey - 1 pts x 0 = 0 pts

Total score: 19 pts

Okay I can't be bothered changing all the wording for the rest of the post, so basically it's just the same thing as strikermania, but u choose keepers and hope they concede goals. Got it?

p.s. This will only go ahead if i get permission to operate Concede-A-Mania in this part of the forum.

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Apr 22, 2003
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    Oh come on, let me have a little fun :)

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