Collina sueing a juve website? Sunday 2 May, 2004 (1 Viewer)


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Jul 28, 2002
Collina to sue over insult site? Sunday 2 May, 2004


Pierluigi Collina is considering legal action after Juventus fans set up a website called ‘I hate Collina’.

“The Federation and Referees’ Association are following the matter with great care,” revealed an official note, “and if the situation gets out of hand we will sue.”

Angry Bianconeri fans set up the site at in protest at his poor record with their club.

Juventus haven’t won a Serie A match officiated by Collina since 2001, while they have lost all three games with him in charge this season.

“It is crazy to think that the most controversial referee of the last two decades is considered to be the best,” exclaimed the site. “From the statistics he is worthy of nothing more than the odd relegation battle.”

These disgruntled supporters also accuse the FIFA award winner of being “favoured by the press” purely because “jealous types love to see Juventus robbed.”

Collina refereed the 2002 World Cup Final to great acclaim and has won numerous awards from FIFA, the International Federation of Football Statistics and the Italian Players’ Association.

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Jul 28, 2002
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    Well, collina is thebest, but its odd that when i watch juve play withcollina in charge, he does do dodgy decisions against us...but this website may make him hate us even more :down:


    Sep 23, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by Zambrotta ] ++
    Better look out from now on. :scared:
    Too late. It seems every game Collina ref'ed for us this season, we were used to mop up the floor.

    I've joked about Collina being a bad luck charm for Juve this season. But that's all in jest. I think a Milanista I noticed who posted on the site said it best today (translated from Italian): "We have the Scudetto, and you have a site about Collina. Bye bye..."


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    Nov 1, 2003
    can he sue a person over a website....? :confused: whatever happens to freedon of speech?

    well, in that case.....byron moreno wud have been one rich bastard by now :rofl:

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