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Jul 15, 2002
Most of us seem to have a problem with the trainig in cm03/04, so here is a trainig comparision thread from the dugout forums

I Recommend the arrowmaster schedule even the others are good but i personally like and use this one. The most famous of the lot is the gary 3.1(also known as lyssien) but it has different schedules for games played on Saturday and Sunday so u have to keep changing them and different schedules for strikes, defenders etc.

For GK's i use the dimmie one

If u have trouble downloading them i'll try and give u the direct link.

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Apr 22, 2003
Hey that's awesome, thanks!

btw there's a thread called "cm experiment" or something where we're talking about training ;)
Sep 28, 2002
bah. using downloaded training scedules is as boring as playing with diablo formation. i created really great scedule once, players achieved great stats in all categories, the only prob that most used players got tired in the end. but bah, you cant save those scedules. never managed to create something as good.

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