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Oct 1, 2004
Game starts on 22/2/2005

I can't wait to watch this game. This will be 1 of the most interesting battles for Juve. After tonight's game, I'm glad that we r back on track. We did play some good football, and created quite a bit of chances.

But nonetheless, Real is not an easy opponent, they will be back for revenge on us for kicking them out during the 2002-2003 CL Semi Finals. With their current form, it would be hard ot tear them down.

I dunno about Canna's condition, hope it isn't serious as he proves to be a defence backbone. Nedved should be fit for this game. I think that if Canna can't play, we should change our system a bit, like the 3-4-3 system. I can't bear to watch Montero playing for us in this game.

Any discussion is welcomed.
May 4, 2004
Week 25 - 20/2/05
Atalanta - Bologna
Messina - Juventus
Chievo - Lazio
Milan - Cagliari
Palermo - Lecce
Parma - Brescia
Roma - Livorno
Sampdoria - Reggina
Siena - Fiorentina
Udinese - Inter

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Jun 25, 2003
A draw would be great. Although I doubt we will take something home from the Santiago Bernabeu. Against Udinese we were good as a team, but we still weren't creative and fast enough. Then again, Real hasn't impressed this season and I don't think there better as a team than Juventus.

Our main problem will probably be the fitness and shape of our main players. Especially Zlatan, Del Piero and Nedved will have to be great this game. I know most of you don't think Del Piero should even feature, but I believe that a good Del Piero will be crucial to defeat Real in the end.

I believe Zlatan was a disgrace against Udinese, but from what I have seen he has played some pretty good games this season as well. In Capello's way of playing he's an important player anyway. As for Nedved we will just have to wait and see how he returns from injury. But I don't believe that should be a problem.

Our defense was great against Udinese, but sloppy at times. The goal we got was avoidable and it's this sort of goals that are going to work against us in the end.

My prediction: Real Madrid 2-1 Juventus
With Zlatan scoring.


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Dec 16, 2002
if we loose 2-1 also is a good result
if we play solid like we did against bayern and ajax , we can win 1-0 , it is possible .


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Feb 21, 2004
Madrid's last six games:

Osasuna - Real 1 - 2
Real - Espanyol 4 - 0
Numacia - Real 1 - 2
Real - Mallorca 3 - 1
Real - Zaragoza 3 - 1
Atletico - Real 0 - 3

6 wins in 6 matches in La Liga. They scored 4 goals in one game, 3 goals in three games and 2 goals in the remaining two games.

Should I mention Juve's performance in recent matchdays?

Now, someone please explain to me how we can not lose by at least two goals at Santiago?


In bocca al lupo, Fabio.
Jun 25, 2003
Well, in Belgium they're showing Juventus-Real Madrid. They show 2 Champions League games anyway. And of course lots of highlights from the other games.

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