[CL] JUVENTUS 1-0 Atlético de Madrid [November 26th, 2019] (1 Viewer)


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Senior Member
Jul 15, 2017
Max didn't win a CL final but Sarri has a ways to go to reach Max's CL success. Great that Juve got 1st place but advancing was the only expected/demanded outcome ..... God forbid it didn't happen and fans would be calling for a new manager before the break was over.


Mar 29, 2006
A win against leverkusen and we'll be setting a new record for ourselves.

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On second thought we will match our record of 16 points. The only other time we got that many points was in the 96/97 season after we topped a group ahead of the red cunts. :touched:

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Senior Member
Apr 17, 2019
Atletico are very hard to play against, tough rugby tackling and that's sick that they didn't return the ball when we played it out when Ronaldo got hurt.

It was a good performance, we probably should have wrapped it up on the break but overall we were in control.

Strangely, we dropped off after the substitutions, maybe because we put our best team on from the start.


Senior Member
May 6, 2012
The only thing that sucks about tonight's win is that we're gonna get our first defeat of the season in Leverkusen.
Couldn’t have picked a better match to lose, and kicking out Atletico from the CL would be a bonus but I think we will hold out for a scoreless draw


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2002
Not a great performance but I personally think we had a good first half (especially on a tactical level) - If you expect a "champagne football" when you play Atletico you are a fool...
We were patient, attacked as a unit and defended very well.
Dybala was absolutely amazing and even more amazing than his free kick from a tight angle was that sick ball control when he got a long pass or his backheel that made the Atletico guy (forgot his name) look like a fool...

I think we would eventually play Dybala Ronaldo Higuain and it will be much better than Ramsey or Bernardeschi - I wouldnt expect it to happen right away but I think coming towards the later stages we might see it more..

MDL - He proves his price tag was not inflated and he is a beast of a defender (just needs to keep his hands close to his body at times..) - His sliding tackle to prevent a shot was sick!

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In 2004-05 we got 16 points.
I remember that season very well. The only time we dropped points was against M.Tel Aviv playing an away game after we already secured top spot and 15pts (I wonder if some team ever reached 18...)

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