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Sep 21, 2002
Thank you Juve for a great season!
now I'm very sad and I'll remember this terrible moment all my life.. :( but it was still a great season. I appreciate all the efforts Juve did this season.
The players tried to do their best every time (even in the final), and we were much superior to the other Italian teams. Milan won luckily the champions league and we were very close to it. we won another scudetto (who the **** is Milan? they were far behind us), the 27th in our history, much more than Milan and Inter.
It was a great season. There were some great moments I will never forget, like the perfect defence in Barcelona, the fantastic 3-1 win over Real Madrid, the 3-0 against Inter, the 2-1 against Milan, Tudor's goal against Deportivo, the 5-0 against Kiev, 11 games in a row unbeaten in serie A, the Derby games, Del Piero's goals against Roma and Brescia, the scudetto winning day, and so on...
there were so many moment like that... so I can't say it wasn't a good season. It ended with a huge disappointment and sadness, but still i think we are the best team in the world, and when we will win the C.L the next time, all will be forgotten! THANK YOU


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May 20, 2003
yes you are right

after all , thank all you people there
who were trying very hard

but some times we can't reach all our dreams...
just play as good as u r now
and make our dream to come true next year and the next and the next...

we will be with you always and forever...


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Jan 12, 2002
I can only thank the players and Lippi for this great season, with its ups and downs .. it was surely one helluva season for all Juventinis around the globe even though the ending was heartbreaking .. We played memorable matches against Milan early on in Serie A and also against Inter (3-0) .. we also triumphed against Barcelona and Real Madrid lately in the Champions League .. On the other hand, we also played matches to forget against Lazio and Man Utd .. Finally, let's hope next season brings us more success and happier moments ;)


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Mar 6, 2003
This is the bittersweet part. We lost yesterday, yes, but we dont have the right to complain!

Because we really did a good campaing, and we were just penaltys to be celebrating a extremely succesfull campaign.

In general, the team did really a good job this year!, they must be congratulated!.

Now, we must look forward, try to improve our team, to prevent things like this to happen again. Maybe next year will be for us with good reinforcements, so....

Carry on.


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Feb 4, 2003
Juve did a great job, I mean playing in the final of CL is a great job. We defeat Depor, Barca and Real. But I am disappointed aswell because we lost to Milan, a team which is not better then the 3 team I mentioned. And because we lost to Milan which is our rival to our biggest enemy, I don't hate them.
By the way the cup goes to Italia

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