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Jan 30, 2004

Juventus are after Lecce's central midfielder Christian Ledesma as alternative to Blasi, Appiah and Tacchinardi.
It has become clear that a central midfielder seems to be Moggi's top priority at the moment, as Capello isn't exactly charmed by Appiah and Tacchinardi. Blasi doesn't convince Capello 100% either.
So as alternative to the more expensive and harder to get Mascherano( as we'd have to clear up a non-eu spot) Capello and Moggi are now set to move for Ledesma. Although Zdenek Zeman would probably not be that helpfull.

Ledesma would be a good buy as he is young and talentfull.
I just think we could do better though..

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Oct 27, 2004
Of what I have seen, Ledesma is good :) I hope we get him and use him isntead of Appiah :D


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Nov 18, 2003

There's no point of getting another average midfilder to the team. Now if Cap or Moggi really want someone in the position then they better get the best one which is available i.e Mashereno. Ledesma is no better than Blasi and Tachi imo.


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Mar 16, 2004
Ledesma is not that bad of a player actually. He has a good passing range and creates many chances, however I am not sure about his defesive and positioning capabilities yet. Ledesma is still fairly young though..

I'd rather pay for Mascherano.


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Jul 28, 2002
To put it

Enzo or someone better, like Masch.....but if they are not as good as enzo , whats the point? Really?


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Jan 30, 2004
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    At this moment of time, I still prefer Maresca to all Ledesma's and Mascherano's.

    Maresca has proven himself time and time again, for Fiorentina as well. He is much more mature than the others, It's probably too late to bring him back though.

    I also still wonder, what did(do) we see in Maresca that Lippi, Capello and Moggi don't?

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