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Apr 30, 2006
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Chiellini: “41 games to go”

“We knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. It was a difficult game against good opposition. Rimini are one of the contenders in Serie B and they showed guts and determination to come back from a goal down. They deserved the draw, even if it was a mistake by us that led to their goal. We could have played better but then again, we could have played worse”. Reflecting on Saturday’s draw at this afternoon’s press conference, Giorgio Chiellini showed he is not one to dwell on the past: “We were angry and disappointed at the end of the match as we wanted to get off to a winning start. That said, we’ve spoken about Saturday since we’ve been back and everyone is both calm and relaxed. There won’t be any inquests after just one game”.
With a long season ahead, the Italian Under-21 is not underestimating the scale of the challenge: “Of course a draw is not what we wanted but we have to keep a clear head. There are 41 more games to go and we will have to expect both positive and negative moments over the course of the season. If every game we draw is a lesson, then we can expect more lessons in the future. Drawing a game is not a drama”.

After just one game, Giorgio is confident things will improve in no time: “We’ve spoken about the game and what we need to improve on, and we’re working hard to get to know each other better. Saturday was the first time we’ve all played together as a team and we need a little time to get used to things. We didn’t underestimate the opposition, the desire to win and to never stop running was there. We weren’t at peak fitness and with many players involved in Wednesday’s internationals, we’d only had a day of preparation together. It’s not the disaster people have made it out to be”.

The left back knows all about the demands of the championship having helped Livorno gain promotion three seasons ago: “The foundations for success in Serie B are organisation and stability in defence. The boss has asked us to be more concrete throughout the game and given the way we are working, this will come in no time at all. As far as the rest is concerned, the players we have in midfield and attack will make the difference”.

On Saturday Chiellini will step out onto the turf of the Bianconeri’s new home for the very first time: “The Olimpico is a wonderful stadium and it will be a lot easier to fill than the Delle Alpi. Having the fans closer to us will be an even greater stimulus for us as players”.

wise words from chiellni.......hes a good kid :D


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Sep 1, 2006
Well spoken for a kid, when so many older, "experienced" players seem to suffer from a dire lack of class. Forza Chiellini!

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