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Sep 1, 2002
Palermo scrap Chevanton deal
Saturday, 10 July 2004

by Nadia Carminati

Serie A outfit Palermo have reluctantly conceded defeat in their bid to land sought after Lecce star Ernesto Chevanton.
Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has blamed agents for the collapse of the deal, with reports suggesting delays in the proposed move were deliberate - with Internazionale keen to engineer a bid.

It has been suggested that the Italian giants will buy the talented Uruguayan striker and then immediately loan him out to Fiorentina.

''I left the negotiation because there were a few agents who wanted to be paid incorrectly,'' confirmed Zamparini.

''We already had an agreement with Lecce.

''I hope Chevanton will not go to Inter because I have a big esteem for Moratti.

''Chevanton will never arrive in Palermo and I'm bitter about the Inter and Fiorentina rumours. I just hope they are not true.

''Between presidents there must be another style.''

From the player's perspective, Chevanton admits that he too is unsure of his future.

''In a month rumours have linked me to Juventus, Valencia, Inter, Palermo and Fiorentina,'' Chevanton told Gazzetta dello Sport.

''But, if my agents haven't told me officially the name of the club I'll play for next season, it means that nothing has been decided.

''Sure, I know Lecce found an agreement with Palermo for my transfer but my will is decisive too.

''It isn't a case of refusing Palermo, rather, I am checking if there is a club engaged in Europe that have the will to bet on me.

''I know nothing.''

However, the club have completed a deal for Argentinian Ernesto Antonio Farias from Estudiantes.

The player has inked a four-year deal after a lengthy negotiation between both parties.

The little devil (Moggi) at work perhaps???

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Jul 28, 2002
isnt palermo in siciliy...the old maffia feudal state???hmm morratti may have some old feud with zamperini still :D.....

jus story telling :cool:


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Jan 31, 2003
i personally dont think he is needed. we have two support strikers already, and chevanton would be a waste. I still believe if a creative player as such is to be bought, it should be a pure playmaker. And chevanton isnt that.


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Mar 31, 2004
nah, we don't need Cheva... Let him go to Inter... (and surprise surprise, he'll be nothing after few years... :rolleyes:)


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Dec 23, 2002
Caso-Chevanton, Zamparini rifiuta aiuto di Moggi
12 07 2004

In casa Palermo continua a tenere banco la vicenda Chevanton: l'attaccante uruguayano era vicinissimo ai rosanero prima che l'intervento dell'Inter lo portasse verso al Fiorentina, pur in comproprietà con i nerazzurri.

Mauruizio Zamparini, presidente dei siciliani, ha rivelato oggi di aver ricevuto una telefonata di Luciano Moggi, che si è offerto di aiutarlo organizzando un incontro con il procuratore dell'attaccante, Paco Casal.

Tuttavia l'ex-numero uno del Venezia ha rifiutato l'aiuto del dirigente bianconero: "Ho ringraziato Moggi ma ormai il giocatore non rientra più nei piani del Palermo - ha dichiarato Zamparini - Mi considero offeso dal comportamento di Moratti: non lo considero neppure un impreditore, al contrario di Della Valle. Non capisco davvero perché si siano alleati contro me ed il Palermo".

I says something with Moggi. Any translation?


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Jul 12, 2002
yeah we have 4 first team stirkers already,i'd much rather our 5th striker be someone from the primavera or a virtual unkown signed for peanuts.

pretty unwise signing a 5th striker,even for a few million.
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Desmond ] ++
yeah we have 4 first team stirkers already,i'd much rather our 5th striker be someone from the primavera or a virtual unkown signed for peanuts.

pretty unwise signing a 5th striker,even for a few million.
Indeed. Zalayeta was sitting around doing nothing when we brought him back and he scored some important goals and then made us some money. That's about as good as a fifth striker can be. I'm sure that we've got other players in similar situations who could be just as good.

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