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Apr 22, 2003
isn't this interesting:

Mutu sacks agents, finds training

BUCHAREST, Nov 8 (Reuters) - Banned Romanian striker Adrian Mutu, dismissed by English premier league club Chelsea for taking cocaine, fired his agents on Monday.

'Mutu came to our office and told us of his decision not to cooperate with our company any more,' agent Gheorghe Popescu told Reuters. 'He did not give any reason for his decision.'

The player, represented until Monday by the Popescu and Becali Sport Management company, said he had decided 'to give other people a chance' to represent him.

The 25-year-old was banned for seven months by the English Football Association last week for failing a drugs test.

Giovani Becali, one of Mutu's now dismissed agents, confirmed last month that Mutu had taken cocaine and that Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho asked for the doping test because he had suspected the Romanian striker.

Popescu said he had not expected Mutu's decision and that there was no sign of discontent during the past two weeks, when Mutu's agents assisted him during the English FA hearings and tried to restore his relations with Chelsea.

'I told him (Mutu) that we respect his decision, that we'll help him if he needs it in the future, and we'll end our obligations to him by handing him the English FA's final ban document,' Popescu said.

Unconfirmed reports in Romania said Mutu had already signed a new deal with an Italian management company led by Alessandro Moggi, son of Juventus managing director Luciano Moggi.

Mutu asked earlier on Monday to be able to train with his former club Dinamo Bucharest.

'Mutu expressed his wish to train with us sometime over the next few days,' coach Ioan Andone told Reuters. 'I saw him very determined to work hard. Here, he will be among good friends.'

A Romanian Football Federation spokesman said national coach Anghel Iordanescu had also suggested that Mutu could train with his squad.

Mutu played 41 matches and scored 29 goals for Dinamo between 1998 and 2000, before moving to Inter Milan. He also played for Verona and Parma in Serie A.

'Mutu had a beautiful time at Dinamo,' Andone said. 'He won the (league) title with us so it seemed a normal choice to make a fresh start where he felt good.'

The national federation spokesman said no decision had been taken but Iordanescu had told Mutu that no one would wear his number 10 shirt until his ban expires on May 18, 2005.


I smell something rotten in the state of Moggi :devil::D


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Oct 1, 2004
Mutu eyes English or Italian return

BUCAREST, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Romanian striker Adrian Mutu, dismissed by English Premier League club Chelsea for taking cocaine, said on Tuesday he would continue his career in England or Italy after completing a seven-month ban.
'Over the next two weeks, I will have to choose between several proposals that I have from England and from Italy,' Mutu told reporters.

'At this moment, it's not the country that is important for me, but the club,' added Mutu, whose new agent will be Italian Alessandro Moggi, son of Juventus managing director Luciano Moggi . 'It (the new club) must help me come back and be even stronger than I was.

'The English would support me with all my bad and good things,' he added. 'It wasn't the English people who determined me to take drugs. My life was totally unprofessional. So it's up to me to come back.'

The 25-year-old, who parted company with former agent Gheorghe Popescu and the Becali Sport Management company on Monday, and who was last week banned by the English FA and fined 20,000 pounds ($36,880), can resume playing next May.

Until then he will undergo a drug education and rehabilitation programme required by the English FA, although he denied he was addicted to drugs.

'I think I can control myself but I need the full support of this great man who is (my psychotherapist) Peter Kay,' Mutu, said. 'The FA asked for a (drug) test once a month but I asked for weekly tests to go on for two years after my ban expires.'

Mutu said he will join the Romania squad in the coming days before the World Cup qualifier against Armenia.

'I'll be near my team mates with my soul and with my body in Yerevan, nothing more,' he said.

'What I want to tell to any player tempted to take drugs is that eventually he will lose everything: club, national team, family,' he added.

Mutu, who was wearing his wedding ring at the news conference, said he found peace and support over the past two weeks near his former wife TV presenter and actress Alexandra Dinu and his three-year-old son Mario.

'I ask God not to put my son in the situation to choose one day between taking drugs or refusing them,' Mutu, who had confessed he took drugs because he felt sad and lonely, said.

I wonder if it is true bout the statement highlighted in blue.

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