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Aug 10, 2017
On currently form we should easily beat Atletico Madrid

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Juventus have been qualified to the Champions League Last 16 with at least 2 games to play for the first time since 2008/09.
Jun 12, 2005
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The signs are everywhere. This car was driving in front of me a few moments ago and I simply had to snap a quick photo of the license plate. Which blatantly reads

Cristiano Ronaldo will win us our 03 Champions League Glory.

Written in the stars they say, pfffffffft. More like on the motor in front. :lol:
Nov 3, 2019
With Icardi joining I think this might actually be PSG's year. I hope not, but will be shitting myself i we end up drawing them.

PSG, Liverpool and City are the only clubs who would be favorites against us.
Yeah I think psg, city and liverpool would destroy us. The only players who could match up with their speed is Douglas Costa.

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