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Oct 28, 2010
He has 10 goals in 7 CL games. And near 50 goals for the season (in february lol). Put some respecc on his name, aka download a scandi lettered keyboard and write his name properly, Håland.
maybe he needs to change his name to use normal letters instead of that fairy bullshit alphabet

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We couldn't get him because Ronaldo.
Too bad.
haland > ronaldo

il brutto

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Jun 6, 2015
3 great attackers up front doing their individual brilliance thing, not much else coming from the rest of the team. Won't say who it reminded me of at times.
Was just about to write that in many ways PSG's performance tonight reminded me of this years Juve. Based on this game I'd like to see PSG through as the way Dortmund play they could cause serious problems for us. Home advantage is really big in the CL though and the second leg could be a completely different game.

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