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Apr 15, 2005
Napoli play Zenk at home next.

It’s basically like playing modern day ManUtd with Inter’s spirit from the 1990s.

They will breeze past them.

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Oct 23, 2011
So as things stand: Real Madrid, Tottenham, Shaktar (if they don't lose against Atalanta), Dortmund (unless Inter beats Barca), Zenit/Lyon, or Chelsea (assuming Ajax takes at least a point at home against Valencia). I'd rather avoid Real Madrid, just don't want any "top-team" this early, but we should be fine against any of these.


Mar 6, 2007
Liverpool were as flat as a witch's tit tonight.

Maybe they are just going all-in for the league this year. I don't think they really need 100% though, City have problems.


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Nov 24, 2005
I can see Inter smashing a Messi-less Barca in San Siro. Barca already secured top spot and have El Clasico not long after Inter. They are resting players for sure.

Small La Liga teams always destroy Messi-less Barcas.


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Dec 31, 2002
I’d prefer inter to go through over Barcelona for 2 reasons:

1. they won’t have to focus 100% on the league (they’re right on our tails) so will inevitably drop more points due to their small squad - benefiting us.

2. One less European juggernaut to deal with in the KO rounds if Barca go out. I think we’d much rather deal with the likes of Inter and Dortmund than Barcelona.
So Barca are through already but do you really fear Inter in the league? I mean its up to Juve to win or lose the scudetto... Juve`s biggest rival are Juve...
In terms of quality Juve are by far the best in Italy and Conte or no Conte its up to us to lose more than them to win it + maybe it will drive us to improve in the league as well who knows..

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Salzburg needs to win their last game to knock out Liverpool
Liverpool will go through as top of the group.. (Unless they are eliminated by some miracle Im rooting for them to finish 1st as it means we are not going to play them)

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Inter and Conte will choke. You watch.
Not sure about it - Many things into this equation:
1. Inter are chokers
2. Conte is a mentality expert
3. Barcelona`s form (unless they improve they are pretty poor)
4. Barcelona`s first 11 - Who knows if we see Messi Greizmann Suarez.. I wont be surprised to see a lineup that has Fatti as their main star...

If you look at the game at Camp Nou - Inter should be able to pick up the win as they lost by two individual brilliance as they were the better team for much of the game...
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