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Jul 31, 2002
From uefa .com:-

Spain lead European rankings
Wednesday, 15 October 2003
Spain, Italy and England will have four representatives in the 2004/05 UEFA Champions League. The three associations are ranked in the top three places in the access list for the 2004/05 European club competitions, which was issued by UEFA today.

Five seasons
The access list is based on performances over the past five seasons, and determines the number of places that each national association will have in next season's Champions League and UEFA Cup. Two clubs from Spain, England and Italy will play in the UEFA Champions League qualifying competition.

Two Scottish clubs
The most important development in the leading positions is that Scotland will be entitled to enter two clubs in the Champions League, as was the case this season, but with the Scottish domestic champions gaining automatic access to the group stage at the expense of Turkey.

Final decision
Turkey have no automatic qualifier at present, but their situation could change after the 2004 Champions League final. If the winner of the final in Gelsenkirchen next May has already qualified for the 2004/05 group stage, the door will be re-opened for the Turkish champions.

Swiss and Israel progress
Switzerland are entitled to two Champions League participants – one will play in the second qualifying round, and the other in the third qualifying round. Israel have moved into 15th position and will also have two Champions League participants. The most spectacular rise is that of Bosnia-Herzegovina, who have risen eight places to 34th place.

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Jul 31, 2002
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    Top thirty nations (Club):-

    1 ESP
    2 ITA
    3 ENG
    4 GER
    5 FRA
    6 GRE
    7 POR
    8 NED
    9 SCO
    10 TUR
    11 BEL
    12 CZE
    13 SUI
    14 UKR
    15 ISR
    16 AUT
    17 POL
    18 RUS
    19 SCG
    20 NOR
    21 BUL
    22 CRO
    23 SWE
    24 DEN
    25 SVK
    26 ROM
    27 HUN
    28 CYP
    29 SLO
    30 FIN

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