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Jan 30, 2004
Instead of all the Inzaghi's, Tristans and Gilardino's Carlos Bueno(who?) might be our new striker.

We have surprsingly been linked to this 24-year old striker from uruguay to be our 4th striker..
Anyone any thoughts on Bueno?

sources: calciomercato and Italian


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Nov 10, 2003
Carlos who? if you were talking about Carlos Santana....then I'll be glad to have him in Juve shirts:D
Sep 14, 2003
I borrowed this from another forum:

data di nascita: 5/10/1980
luogo di nascita: Artigas
Altezza: 178
Peso: 72
Ruolo: Attaccante


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Jun 14, 2004
seen him play in Copa America, IMO he is useful, a skillful forward with pace, but he is a bit too short really, in fact he is just like Miccoli ! So I don't know why we need him, Juve need a big striker to be back up for Trezeguet.


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Jan 30, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Desmond ] ++
never heard of carlos bueno,unfortunately.

care to post a couple of stats,dominic?:)

Leagues Curriculum --------------------------goals scored
First Division 2004 Peñarol
First Division 2002 Peñarol --------------------5
Apertura 2002 Peñarol -------------------------1
Clausura 2002 Peñarol------------------------- 2
First Division 2001 Peñarol-------------------- 2
Clausura 2001 Peñarol
Clausura 2000 Peñarol -------------------------2
Playoffs 2000 Peñarol-------------------------- 7
First Division 2000 Peñarol

International cup Curriculum
Libertadores Cup 2004 Peñarol ------------2
Libertadores Cup 2003 Peñarol------------ 1
Libertadores Cup 2002 Peñarol------------ 4
Mercosur Cup 2001 Peñarol
Libertadores Cup 2001 Peñarol
Mercosur Cup 2000 Peñarol--------------- 2

Competitions for National Teams Curriculum
World Qual(South Am) 2003/2005 Uruguay --1

Doesn't look that impressive ey?

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