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Jul 27, 2015

No injury for Chiellini.

The medical examinations have excluded an injury for Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini and no serious problem for Rodrigo Bentancur.
The Old Lady were forced to replace Chiellini after 35 minutes of the 2-1 defeat to FC Porto in the Champions League, but the tests at J|Medical has ruled out a serious injury for the veteran.
“Giorgio Chiellini underwent radiological examinations at J|Medical this morning, which excluded muscle injuries to his right calf,” the club wrote in a statement.
“His condition will be monitored day by day.”

Bentancur was also examined, but the report reveals no serious injury for the midfielder.


Jul 27, 2015

Has been paid for literally doing nothing for 2 full years.
Yeah, because having featured in ~15games out of the 36games already played means you have contributed nothing... why are you being such a crybaby once again is beyond me, could it be that perhaps you seen him close to returning from injury and feel like letting all that hate out again? In fact seeing it’s coming from you i guess that’s no surprise. Who else could it have been if not for the guy who everyone can see in other threads praising/idolizing mercenaries currently in this team but keeps hating and bashing one of the few real club legends we still have lmao, the hate you keep spewing post after post in this thread just serves to prove how sad, fake and clueless you really are in your takes here, yet you keep doubling down on them like a broken record stuck on repeat, truly pathetic to say the least. :baus:

i sure hope he renews for years to come just so you can continue to cry and lose even more sleep because of it.


Nov 25, 2005
That only means you dont have Juve's best interests at heart.

If you put all sentimentality aside you will see that he has contributed absolutely nothing in the last 2 years.

Do not renew.
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Jun 1, 2012
all I hate is Juve wasting money.
Not that I disagree. Even I believe we have to move on from the old guard but at the same time I won't be upset if they stayed on.

But Juve first need to stop 'wasting money' on two people who are in key positions at this club. That is the core of our problem right now.


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May 23, 2011
all I hate is Juve wasting money.
There are a lot of players you could point your finger at, but Chiellini is prolly among the last ones. Hes been one of the pillars of this club for more than a decade. Hes earned his stripes, even if he plays 10-15 games per year, his experience is valuable to have around, he can help younger players to grow, give them advice, prep talk, etc... On the other hand Rabiot, Ramsey, huge salaries and no impact whatsoever, on and off the pitch.

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