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Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004

Bravo Captain :clap:


IL Capitano
Nov 26, 2017

Giorgio Chiellini and Juventus, a bond that is more than solid. The captain is untouchable and remains so even in the plan's of the club for next season, despite the fact that he will celebrate his 35th birthday in August.

The player is very faithful to the club and to Massimiliano Allegri, regardless of the coaching theme, he is already considered in next year's team and at the centre of the future project. The Italian player's contract with the Old Lady expires in June 2020 and Juventus would like to avoid a situation similar to that of Diego Godin at Atletico Madrid.

The Uruguayan is set for a surprise summer move to Inter on a free transfer, despite being one of the icons of the club as well as the captain. Chiellini, instead, will go ahead with Juventus and there is also an informal agreement for the near future.

There is no need to immediately renew the contract that will expire in a year; from October onwards it will be evaluated how to manage the situation. Chiellini's enthusiasm and condition leads us to think that he will want to go beyond 2020 but the renewal will be eventually approved calmly next season.

There is no fear from Juventus of losing Giorgio at no cost, as there is the will to end his career at the club even in the case of big offers from abroad (in the recent past he has already rejected Chelsea). Chiellini and Juventus will not betray themselves and 2020 is only a virtual deadline, with another year already in the drawer.
Fabrizio Romano. Translated by Nikita Fesyukov


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