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Apr 25, 2013
He went for the lifestyle change, can't be another reason. Actually if you read about Buffon as a person it's a big surprise he stayed with us and in Italy for so long, especially when you consider Farsopoli.
Yeah, he wanted to experience high level footy with less pressure before he retires (and at the same time have another go at CL). He talked about how there's less pressure at Barca and EPL but how Juve on the other hand forges you before.

PSG has not one, not two, but three good GKs with high salaries.

He probably should've picked Liverpool.


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Apr 14, 2013

Buffon: ‘Verratti Italy’s only talent’

Gianluigi Buffon believes his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Marco Verratti is “the only true talent of Italian football”.
The legendary goalkeeper won the World Cup with the Azzurri in 2006 and has won more caps than any other player, but appears to have retired from international duty.
“It’s very clear with [CT Roberto] Mancini,” Buffon told Gazzetta dello Sport.
“We talked in May and he was very kind and respectful. it was a constructive conversation.
“Sometimes someone with my history has to step back in self defence. Unfortunately I live on feelings and emotions and I give my soul for the cause.
“For the national team I gave even more, and sometimes I wasn’t recognised for that.
“At 40 I don’t want it to look like I’m there just because it’s what I want, I was there and I’ve always been there because I have been and always will be Buffon.
“If that’s not how they think then I’m fine at home with my family, because I gave up a lot of time with them for the national team.”
Someone who hasn’t necessarily performed for the national team is Verratti, but Buffon was quick to defend his PSG teammate.
“Marco is an incredible player, at this moment he’s the only real talent of Italian football in terms of how he plays the game, the quality of his touch and the way he sees the game.
“When he plays with normal players he can struggle because they don’t understand him, sometimes those who are too good struggle to be understood by others.
“Here, Marco is lucky to play alongside great players who are immediately able to understand where the ball will go and where they want it so you see that all his moves are facilitated.”
The veteran left Juventus this summer, and he also looked ahead to their clash with Napoli on Saturday evening.
“[Lorenzo] Insigne has consolidated his growth now, he’s one of the players who, if everything is right and it’s the right context, can win games,” Buffon said.
“I have a great friendship and esteem for Carlo Ancelotti, it’ll be a very hard game against Juventus on Sunday.
“Juve are Juve and at the moment they’re largely ahead of everyone else in Italy, and in Europe too they’re in the top three without a doubt. They should be an example for the other Italian teams.”
Buffon may face Napoli in the Champions League…
“If I play I’d hope [Edinson] Cavani would steal the scene from me, sometimes I prefer to go unnoticed.”‘verratti-italy’s-only-talent’

i love you Gigi, but talk less please

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Dec 21, 2012
Italy actually has lots of talented players. Maybe their ceiling is not on the level of the 2006 generation but if they got their sheet together they could beat anyone as Portugal and Croatia showed recently.

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