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Sep 16, 2004
Fabio Capello has declared he will see out his three-year contract at Juventus before fulfilling his ambition to coach abroad again.

Capello, who made the move from Roma to Turin in the summer, has in the past been linked with the managerial position at Manchester United , and has made no secret of his desire to coach outside of Italy again following a brief spell at Real Madrid.

However, Capello told the Gazzetta dello Sport that he sees his future in foreign national team management rather than club football.

He said: "I will stay here (Juventus) for three years, I respect this club and the agreement I made with them.

"I am 58-years-old, but after Juve I have no desire to quit.

"I do not work for money, I do it because I have football in myself.

"I especially like matches and would like to be involved in international ones, though not with Italy.

"I am obsessed with working abroad and I would not mind being a national team coach one day."

As for his current adventure with the Bianconeri, Capello has admitted to focusing on the UEFA Champions League.

"With a solid bearing axis, that is to say a goalkeeper, central defender, central midfielder and a striker Juve have been built to win.

"The Champions League? Our aim is that, we do not deny it."
Since he seems to want to move to England, I have just one thing to say, he can f**k off, if he thinks he is coming to United!

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Mar 9, 2004
he doesnt think he is coming to united. He was just in the past linked with them.. dont read the text in an incorrect way.

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Jan 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Nicole ] ++
Since he seems to want to move to England, I have just one thing to say, he can f**k off, if he thinks he is coming to United!
read the article better. it says that he was linked with the manure job befor coming to juve, and that he wants to coach an international side.


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Feb 13, 2004
He might move back to Spain again...or take the Azzuri if Lippi is unsuccessful at the WC 2006......


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Aug 30, 2004
Capello is an outstanding professional. I am sure he will give much, much joy and victory to Juventus fans. I am also sure one day he will leave us to move on. This is life, not just soccer. Juventus is not a retirement home, nor the guy can just think he will be a coach till he dies, he may want to move on to be a manager of a team or such. I am deeply grateful to Capello for having decided to come to Juventus to give us something, to rebuild a team and try to win ASAP. I hope he gets the Champions for us this same year.

Lippi gave to Juventus a lot, perhaps as much as or more than Trapattoni had given. Lippi will be in my heart, in Juventus fans heart till the end. It was right for him to move on. I would respect Lippi even if he had moved to another serie A Team, like when he moved to Inter. That is normal for a professional and for a team, to seek the best. The relationship between Juventus and Lippi is exemplary. I have no respect for somebody who says that he or she would only work for one team (like Totti), or that he is working for a team (Bologna) like coach Carlo Mazzone but he is a fan of another (Roma).

Anyway. given Nicole has allowed us three full years of Capello. let's try to make the best out of it and win everything we can with him, but especially the Champions.

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