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Nov 1, 2004
The strong Italian defender picked up an injury in the first half of the match the Bianconeri won against Udinese.
Fabio Cannavaro assured all the Juventus supporters that he will recover in time for the important Champions League encounter against Real Madrid in program next week in Spain.

“I only received a very strong knock, but there are no problems. On Saturday I will already be on the pitch against Messina.”

The Italian national team captain is also satisfied with his team’s performance against Udinese as the Bianconeri proved they are still alive and kicking.

“On Sunday we played a good match, and apart from certain episodes we proved that Juventus is still there. We are first since the start of the season, even though many thought we were finished after two defeats.”

Juventus currently hold a two point advantage over closest rivals Milan in Serie A.


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May 30, 2004
no no let him play against messina i dont think he needs a rest.. he needs to be well practiced and ready for the real attack... i think this game is going to be all about the wings ... salgado carlos .... zambrotta zebina .... nedved camo .... beckham and zidane.. i think zidane is going to be the player to watch hes going to be a re biggest trouble.. the rest can all be handled

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