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Feb 13, 2004
I like ur anthem.....I was in Nova Scotia for a month during the does it go again?

O...Canada....? ;)
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Jan 7, 2004
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    and we can talk about the real symbol of canada. not the leaf but

    TIM ****in HORTONS

    i just saw the wierdest thing yesterday.

    now Tim Hortons is a coffee place. i dont know about other canadian citties but in Toronto there is one in every major road intersection and there are billions of commercials on tv. now yesterday i was in a mall and i am near TimHortons tryin to get a coffe but there was a line up. so as a lazy person i am sitting down and waiting for the line up to get smaller but no luck and then it hits me. right there 2 seconds away there is another coffee place some which i dont even remember the name and i m thinkin it is frickin coffee. i go and get mine laughin with those stoopid commercial brainwashed people.

    btw the coffee was the same and i even saved $.10 (canadian so it doesnt really mean anything)
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