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Jul 28, 2002
Can someone suggest a reliable website where i could purchase the new Juve 1st or 2nd kit with MY name and number on the back?

My local (and not so local) retailers either don't have the kit or won't print on the foreign kits.:groan: :fero:

I have promissed myself that if Juve won the schuddetto, i would buy the new seasons shirt with my personnel name and number on the back with the champions crest on the front...but so far i have had no luck.:fero:

Kitbag.....3 year old polo shirts, juve online purchasing YET.

I woul be gratefull if anyone could help in my quest for my new Juve shirt:angel:

Buy on


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Jan 12, 2002
I double checked with the site, its true .. u can type anything ;) I thought that u could only choose from a list ...


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Jul 30, 2002
That's great :thumb: I thought of getting myself the new Juve away shirt (just need time to think whose name to print on it)....

Anyway, they don't have any Lotto size information on their chart. So it's kinda hard to gauge which size fits me :undecide: Probably an "S"...but they don't have that in "S"...hmm...



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Jul 17, 2002
From Europe: ...i got the home shirt, away shirt, and shorts and their great :thumb:

From USA:
A friend of mine bought from this site..its pretty much the only site in the USA that has the juve shirt ( and a lot more teams).
Its based in California, so if u live in the USA this might be the best choice since shipping would be cheaper than subside.

Both these sites dont provide numbers yet,,,,but they will later as u can buy the numbers seperately :D

good luck

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