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Jul 17, 2002
if your other posts are as irrelavant (and/or as useless) as this one is to the forum it's under, then I dont blame him. Maybe we need to bring him your head!


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Apr 22, 2003
I understand your point that it can be frustrating to find your threads when they've been moved, but they were moved with good reason e.g. your Inter-league transfer thread, despite being an informative and useful thread, doesn't belong in the Juve transfer forum, especially since none of the transfers listed involve Juve as far as I know.

It's ironic that you posted this thread in the transfer forum too, so instead of complaining that mikhail is moving your threads to different forums, maybe you should stop and think that maybe he moved them because you posted them in the wrong section.

Your guiness and a leprechaun comment was out of line too, unless of course you're Irish yourself, in which case I apologise.. but please don't talk about respecting the work people do around here and then go on to ask for a moderator's head on a plate. Thank you

++ [ originally posted by Martin ] ++
A) This forum is only related to Juventus. So please don't post transfer rumours of Milan or Roma if there isn't any player connected with Juve. Use the misc soccer forum instead.
e.g. Davids isn't a Juve player anymore. So any further moves to other clubs won't be content for a post here.
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