Can Juve Do It? (1 Viewer)

gigi's twin

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Mar 5, 2003
Juve should fighting much harder than ever against Lazio and Real to reach scudetto and CL final in the same time. For this we're going to need a totaly healthy and fit Trézeguet, who can help perfectly Alex in the attacking!


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Apr 21, 2003
I doubt Juve will win the Scudetto this weekend, however we have an 8 point advantage over 1 team, while Madrid have a 4 point advantage over 2 teams with 6 games or so remaining. Obviously they have to play their best team this weekend, cos a loss for them would be more important than a loss for us.

I still think we don`t need to fear Real, they only played one good game in the CL this season, and I blame Man Utd for that, as they let too much spaces for counter attacks and proved fatal.

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