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Don ecki

New Member
Aug 10, 2003
Im new here at and i have a question,does anybody now how I can do a movie on my computer which program do I need to use.
plzzz help me i won"t to do a juve movie like that one with delpiero.


The Funky Homosapien
Jun 6, 2003
windows movie maker2

i have made 3juve music video's they are al 3great MASTER CLASS WORKS but i don't know how i can see it to your guys if you wanned to see it JUVENTINI than you have to meet me on msn

[email protected] il will gife you the movie's but PLEAS don't chage my name i have made those movies and i dont want anybody gowing to steel my idea's is simple to make a juve music video and it is funn so ALL YOU JUVENTINI MAKE ONE AND LET IT SEE TO ME

ps bad english sorry

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