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Dec 31, 2002
We now have as many Scudetto's as AC Milan and :inter2: together. :lol2:
Actually we have 36 while Milan have 18 and Inter 17 so we have 1 more than them - Shame on you for counting Inter`s fake scudetto

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thats all they can celebrate
they suck so much they celebrate winning a game which brings them 3 points
we celebrate tittle wins, they celebrate 3 points thats the difference between us and them
and also that some dumb napoli player responding to giorgio makes 0 sense .
Well they cant really win the scudetto so you can understand them...
Spoiler for next year: We as usual go to win another scudetto. Hamsik declares that if Napoli win the scudetto He will cut his dick.. ADL claims Juve play ugly football and they play champagne football therefore Juve should have 20 points decreased while they deserve 20 more points which makes them the real champions.
Sarri if he stays complain during the whole season that Juve play before, they play on regular terms while Napoli had to play some games in the rain.
Meanwhile Inter almost got to the CL again but lost their chance in the last game of the season
Milan improve but still suck..
Roma stays the same
Lazio lose SMS but still able to hold on to 4th place
Juve get to the final of the CI again - This time against a different team but the result is the same - a win for Juve..
Mandzukic scores for Milan against Juve but doesnt celebrate - Juve win the game regardless

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