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Jul 30, 2002
LOL, juvelover, I can't help noticing your deep hatred towards Camo ;) I have no idea why you said he is selfish, but if that's your opinion then I've gotta respect that.

But to be fair to him, I think Camo is a great player, but he hasn't been given the chance to try out at different positions. So hopefully the CL final will be the place for him to shine - if and only he finds back his old form, which I'm sure he will...later if not sooner.

I'm not saying that he's definitely better than Zambrotta. In some ways, he is and in some ways he's not. Like what he've seen over the 2 legs in the semis, Zambrotta really showed what he is capable of.

But let me just remind you what Camo is also capable of doing....

1) http://www.camo-world.net/video/misc/camo-dribble_juve-mil_10-11-2002.zip
2) http://www.camo-world.net/video/misc/camo-dribble_inter-juve_19-10-2002-nkn.zip
3) http://www.camo-world.net/video/misc/camo-foulpen_chi01-04juve_wk17_19-01-2003.zip

Anyway, I don't want to make this sound like a Zambro vs Camo thing, as I feel that individually both are great players.

Ps: He may not be a Zizou now, but give him time, I'm sure he's geared slowly in that direction.


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