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Jul 12, 2002
Taken from a couple posts on the Juve mailing list....
Today all players called up were present with the
notable absence of Camoranesi.
Moggi used harsh words about his manners and said that
he will be punished. He added that he's free to look
for another team.
Speaking to, the player`s agent, Sergio Fortunato, said that he cannot what the fuss is all about. He said that Juve told Camoranesi to be there on the 18th, and on the 18th he will be there. He said that although Moggi said that Juve tried to contact the player, this is not true as Camoranesi left all his contact numbers but nobody got in touch with him. The agent said that Mauro did well at Juve straight away, unlike great players like Platini and Boniek that took time to settle down. However, the agent continued, even if the techinacal qualities of the player can be criticised, his personality cannot be put into discussion just due to being two hours late. He said that his Andrea Pastorello (the other agent) went to pick the player from the airport and he will be at the training camp in a very short time. Fortunato continued by saying : "I repeat : nobody told Mauro at what time he should be there. Most probably there was some misunderstanding, but its a long way to go if this two hour delay brings the player`s contract into discussion. It seems to me as of somebody wants to make the most out of this situation. Anyway, if a two hour delay brings the player`s contract into discussion, then its better that Camoranesi goes to play in another Italian club"

All I have to say is...

F**K OFF MOGGI! Yeah I said it.

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Feb 4, 2003
Moggi is right we don't need only a players but also men.
So let him go, go Camo and thank you for your wanderful season. Juventus is a prof. football club not "samsam" bar to go whenever you want to.

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