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Jul 27, 2002
how stupid can some ppl. be...

Camo is really a player Gli Azzurri needs...
I was even surprised that Trappatoni was so eager 2 have Camo,
considering the great ammont of time he uses to play with Totti :D

Hope Camo turns out 2 B one of the best Gli Azurri players ever...

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Jul 17, 2002
Toldo :fero: now i really dont like him....

how stupid can you get!! Camo can really help Italia, and Teccnically he is Italian!

I hate Damn racists :fero: :fero: Toldo is worse. He's going with the Passport color and place of birth.

i dont see where the problem is at all.
I dont want Toldo in the NT anymore, make Cudicini the #2 keeper and with Pelizzoli and Abiati as Backup. a player as big as Toldo is supposed to help Camo feeel comfortable about playing with the azzuri as Camo will be around with Italia for a while and he's stuck with him. How ignorant...

I'm so Pi$$ed!!!!!!!! :fero:

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