Camo in trouble!!! :( (1 Viewer)

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Jul 27, 2002
he didn't show up for the first training day...
Hope he has a good excuse, cause it has been qouted that
Moggi has said: He is free to find another club to play for!!!

damn!!! :down::(:fero:


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Jun 9, 2003
Yeah, I posted the same thing in the transfers forum. Maybe a mod could move mine or yours to the forum it suits best.


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Apr 24, 2003
its different because youre being paid for a job you have to do, plus he knew the presentation was today, so he should have been there in case major problems happened to him. its not like going to school and being late because in school you dont get paid for studying, its like being late to an important meeting with the chairman of the company you work at
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