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Sep 3, 2002
The Spanish media have unsurprisingly taken another swipe at the Italian game after the Champions’ League Final.

The tight affair between Milan and Juventus gave the Spaniards the perfect excuse to once again criticise calcio.

"It should be outlawed that two Italian teams face each other in the final of a European Cup, seeing as having one there is already a tragedy for football" wrote ‘AS’.

"A new rule should be introduced stating that whenever two clubs from Italy play each other in Europe they should immediately start warming up for the penalty shoot-out."

Madrid based paper ‘Marca’ also weren’t impressed. "The Theatre of Dreams became the scene for a Serie B clash," it claimed.

‘El Mundo Deportivo’ were less sarcastic in their analysis. "There couldn’t have been a worse game," it said. "Yesterday we saw the evolution chain of football snap."

The Spanish Press have constantly heckled the Italian clubs in Europe this season for employing what they described as ‘catenaccio’ style tactics.

That despite the fact that the four Italian entrants this season – Milan, Juventus, Inter and Roma – have all beaten Spanish clubs in this year’s competition.

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This is amazing. Can't they accept that they lost? It's not enough that the italian teams have made the spaniards look like fools, instead of shutting up and seeing how they can get better they are whining and attacking Italian football.
I'm guessing that they didn't watch Juve-Real

Even though we lost in the final, at least italian football has won...

Forza Italia :cheesy:

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Mar 6, 2003
Losers losers losers.

How they havethe guts to talk about that after all his teams were beaten by italians?.

I will accept this kind of commentaries when thet do the same to the italians.


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Jul 12, 2002
This is pure jelousy and nothing else.

Spanish teams seemingly pride themselves on their attacking style of football, what is so wrong about being proud of a more defensive style.

The other night both Milans and Juves defense were excellent, that is not too say that the teams sat back and defend. Both teams attacked as much as they could but the defense on both sides were just too strong.


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Jan 12, 2002
I'm sure the Spanish press prepared their bashing articles even before the final started .. and instead of acknowledging the high quality both clubs offered at the night and the sheer awarness of the GKs and defenders, they came up with this .. Anyway, I hope next year the same thing happens (Juve & another Italian team reach the final) :stuckup:

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
well theyre all a bunch of walking talking assholez. i should write about the way the spanish were outdone undone and completely put to shame all in one season by a seemingly decaying calcio who were supposedly going thru a slump.

why dont they take that and shove it up their ass!

in a way tho the jealousy was expected since we allowed them to dominate too long and they made themselves feel at home.

but now the tide has changed and well they are placed in a rather umcomfortable position. the finals arent guaranteed for spanish teams like they were for the last few years.

this is a new era in football and italian football must be careful to take advantage of this and foster it.

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