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Dec 15, 2017
We'll have some idea of the strength of Bundesliga after the next round of CL games. But I'm seeing that La Liga / PL > Serie A > Bundesliga > Ligue 1. That's not to say that Juve and Bayern aren't amongst the best teams out there (because they are) but the strength of the Bundesliga isn't that strong overall ... in my opinion.
@Jethro Premier League 3 Bundesliga 0 (aggregate 17 - 3) , just sayin'


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Mar 6, 2018

Pulisic, what an overrated bum. I'm glad he's going to Chelsea.

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Vedo :rofl: @zizinho
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Apr 17, 2013
Nicolas pepe from Lille.
He will succeed in Germany with their weak defenders and the spaces that there are. 80 million it seems to me a lot for this kind of player especially that Lille is in financial difficulty.
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