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Mar 14, 2019
Cancelo/MDS - Bon/Rugani/Caceres - Chiello/deLigt - AS/Spina
Ramsey/Bentancur - Pjanic/Zaniolo - Matuidi/Can
Berna/Cuad - Dybala/Kean/Mandzukic- Ronaldo/Costa

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I'd be more than happy with this.
Coach: Max
Out: Barza
Sell: Costa, Khedira etc. - but only if that means overall strenghtening the team, go for it.
In: Ramsey, Zaniolo, de Ligt

Other options:
- Romero - if we can get him aswell, that would be great, I'd prioritize deLigt tho considering his quality and it's inevitable he'll move somewhere this summer
- Chiesa - If we sell some of our forwards then ok, otherwise I don't see where he could play
- Kante - would strenghten our midfield, but I don't see Chelsea selling him. Imo never gonna happen
- Ndombele - I think PSG goes after him, and they would be his first choice
- Milinkovic Savic - IMO overrated and too expensive

I still think we had too many injuries and that's why we performed with an underwhelming style of play. Overall, this is the first season with Ronaldo, I bet the style of play improves in the next year, with just few tweaks to the team.

Seeing many fans are against Mandzu here - I'd keep him as a 10-20min sub guy for rotation, and heavy aerial/physical matches as Atl. where Dybala wouldn't be able to do a big impact. Also if we just get rid of Mandzu, the team would need another signing to replace him, because we don't have any high target man except Mario.
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May 6, 2012
Coach: I wouldn't fire Allegri since ZZ isn't an option anyway and any move now would either be sideways (Deschamps who wouldn't leave France before the euros imo) or backwards (Conte).
GK: I wouldn't change any of our three keepers, Woj is great and having a great season, Perin deserves a second season at least and after that we can judge him better and decide on him, Pinsoglio is homegrown and doesn't complain hell he's allegedly one of the funniest in the locker room (ala Pepe).
Central Defense: Barza won't be able to keep the secret anymore: He will announce that he retired two years ago. Caceres gets a one year contract as a 4th/5th Cb just for his versatility and relatively low salary. Rugani is getting an extension (Final chance imo), Bonnucci and Chiellini stay, Romero for (25-30m).
Side Backs: I wouldn't change a thing unless Sandro wants to leave, and I hope Spinazzola earns himself the starting spot at left back.
CM: Ramsey in Khedira out, Pjanic out Kante in (Wishful thinking).
Attack: Costa out and Chiesa in and the rest stays as it is but Kean has to play more instead of Mandzukic (at least 50-50). And with Kante replacing Pjanic we can finally play with Dybala behind the attacking trio.
For the future: Tonali purchase then on loan to Serie A+Zaniolo in 2020 after watching him for another season.
Woj (Perin)
Cancelo (MDS)-Bono (Rugani)-Chiellini (Romero)-Spina/Sandro
Kante (Can)-Ramsey (Benta-Matuidi)
Dybala (Berna)
Berna (Cuadrado)-Kean/Mandzu-Ronaldo (Chiesa)
Finally the financial outlay (Transfer fees+Salaries should be manageable) and I think the squad is better, and the next season we can make it perfect by replacing upgrading Bono, Mandzu and Matuidi.
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May 29, 2005

Figure out what we wanna do with Mario, Cuads, Costa, Sandro.


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May 22, 2009
Next season we should go back to having 4-3-1-2 as base.

Cristiano - Mandzu/Kean
Ramsey - Pjanic - Matuidi
Sandro - Chiellini - Bonucci - Cancelo
I just want to integrate Kean into the starting eleven.


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Dec 31, 2002

IN: Ramsey(0), Chiesa(50), Zaniolo(45), Tonali(20), Romero(20), Marcelo(20)

OUT: Dybala(120-30), Khedira (term.). Barzagli (term.), A. Sandro (60), Higuain (40-50)
This is probably the worst mercato I have ever seen and yet not even realistic...
Our midfield remains crap as you didnt really put anyone but Ramsey
You sold Dybala yet you sacrificed him for.. no one?!
A.Sandro 60M->Marcelo 20M - Great strategy I just wonder what exactly Paratici does to get such a discount on Marcelo...
Higuain 40-50?! Who will pay 50M when 35M is a doubt..


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Oct 20, 2004
It's also my right to dislike your opinion. You don't need to be a sensitive little bitch if I don't agree with you.
You are not disliking mine just hurt because of an opinion and you can't accept it..this is just to say about yourself ...small mind ...dislike all my post as much as you want like little kid.....

it's my opinion ....Dybala should leave this team with it ....

B81 learn to accept others opinion ....don't go full retard and dislike all my posts just for dislike ...

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