Buffon Named Best Goalkeeper In The World (1 Viewer)


The Grimreaper
Jul 12, 2002
The IFFHS (International Football Federation of History and Statistics) has nominated Gianluigi Buffon as the best goalkeeper in the world.

Casillas and Kahn followed respectively in second and third place. The last Italian goalkeeper to win this award was Walter Zenga 12 years ago.


Congratulations Buffon!!!:cool:

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Dec 25, 2003
who needs IFFHS to tell us abt Gigi ;)

We kow that he is the best.

by the way the UEFA said he is the best 2 ;)


Juventus FC - Philippines
Dec 20, 2002
good point. but i think its always been hard for a goalkeeper to impress 2 seasons consecutively.

look at kahn after the world cup.
Aug 1, 2003
thank you for a great season, Buffon, you were truly exceptional. I hope you will do the same for us this season.

Forza Gianluigi Buffon :D

ps: Just reminiscing, anyone remember when Buffon first joined Juventus and he made a horrifying mistake against Chievo which nearly cost us? I guess Gigi has come a long way, fitting in Juve is not easy but he has succeeded. Good for you Gigi!


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Jun 3, 2003
The accolade probably wont mean nething to Gigi himself till he actually helps Juve in acheiving their targets this term.


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Apr 3, 2003

why you are NOT the best right now??

when juve needs you???

3 goals againsta EMPOLI????? :eek::eek:
and 1 against real???


Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
i dont think he is the best because right now the best keeper in the world would be able to handle the added pressure of a leaky defence. i believe he is the future of juventus and will be a mainstay in the team barring a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

he is far above any others where the national team is concerned(maybe except toldo). he was also the best keeper we could have ever purchased at the time that we did, considering his age, experience, etc.

however i would like to see more confidence in between the sticks. and the fact that our defence is in trouble(for what reason only god knows) shouldnt faze him one bit

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