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Jun 9, 2003
Briton stabbed to death in Lisbon
The 27-year-old was stabbed outside a bakery in Rua Augusta
Portuguese police have arrested a man over the death of an England fan after the team's Euro 2004 win over Croatia.

Stephen John Smith, 28, was stabbed in a street off Rossio Square in central Lisbon by a would-be robber in the early hours of Tuesday.

Portuguese police said the suspected robber was thought to be Ukrainian.

Mr Smith, from Wolverhampton, was taken to Sao Jose hospital in Lisbon where he was pronounced dead on arrival, Portuguese police said.

'Real dampener'

The killing, outside a bakery in Rua Augusta at 0400 BST, followed celebrations over England's 4-2 victory against Croatia on Monday night.

A Foreign Office spokesman said it had been "completely peaceful" overnight and there were no reported arrests of any England fans.

A few England fans were milling around Rossio Square on Tuesday morning, with some visibly shocked by the killing.

Louis Calders of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, said: "I learned the news from my wife back in England and it's terrible. It puts a real dampener on things. The lad was only in his 20s."

Victim fell

Haskell Noah, 35, of Golders Green. north west London, said there were about 200 England fans outside bars in the Rua Augusta area when the stabbing took place.

He said: "This guy had been coming up and down for hours trying to take people's wallets and everyone was fed up with him."

There was no trouble at all, just a great atmosphere
Chris Torkington

Fans speak of their shock

Mr Noah said the man had gone away after being confronted by an England fan but had returned later and approached another table.

Mr Noah said he did not see the actual blow being struck but there was an immediate commotion and the stabbed fan fell to the ground.

"A girl was screaming and police came running across to arrest the attacker as he ran away."

"It's horrible to hear that the guy has died. That was such a terrible end to a fantastic evening."

Other fans spoke of the peaceful atmosphere between England and Croatian fans after the game.

"I'm shocked by this, it's really quite scary," Emily Orton, 27, from Exeter told BBC News Online.

"Everyone was just having such a good time, and now this has happened."

Attempted robbery

Chris Torkington from Cumbria said: "It's sadly ironic that this has happened because there was no trouble at all, just a great atmosphere."

BBC correspondent James Coomarasamy, in Lisbon, said Portuguese police believed the fan had been stabbed during an attempted robbery or pick-pocketing.

There was no evidence the death had followed any altercation between rival groups of fans in the city, our correspondent said.

He said the mood in Lisbon had seemed peaceful following the match.

Some fans had been celebrating in the central Rossio Square but most supporters were scattered around the city, he said.

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Jul 12, 2002
This is horrible. The guy goes to the tournament to support his NT, probably looking forward to this holiday for over a year, and out of nowhere he gets killed. Sometimes life is so unfair. Damn.
Sep 28, 2002
majed, stop looking for spiritual stuff here. i mean, thousands of people like that are killed everyday and nop one cares. not trying to be rude or anything, just dont go over the top.

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