Blasi and Kallon bans cut (1 Viewer)


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Dec 19, 2003

Parma’s Manuele Blasi and Mohamed Kallon of Inter have both had their doping suspensions reduced.

Blasi was originally handed a six-month stop after testing positive for nandrolone but the appeal court have today cut that by four weeks.

The former Under-21 international will now be eligible for selection for his club, and possibly his country, from March 18.

There is good news for Kallon too. He was given a massive eight month sentence but that has been modified to six.

The striker, who also had traces of nandrolone in his system, can return to the football fields after April 23.

Perugia’s Saadi Al Gheddafi also tested positive for the banned substance this season but he’s now served his punishment.

The midfielder, yet to play for the club, was given a three month suspension that expired on Friday.

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Oct 22, 2003
Wondering when these doping-rules will be regulated by UEFA/FIFA and these dubious decidions will be history :(

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