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Jul 17, 2002
they're alright... i liked where is the love and it's purpose....
i'm not too sure i feel the same of the "shut up" broken record.


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Apr 22, 2003
that song shat me, except the part where she sings "boy you're useless...aaarjggggh"

I like her voice there


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Feb 21, 2004
I am not their big fan, but she's got a strong voice. Did you guys know that she was actually 'recruited' by the rest of the band- they needed a female vocal and selected her out.

That's interesting I think, because normally bands consist of friends, relatives, etc. Or it's just a stereotype...


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Jan 9, 2004
yeah NORMAL bands do
but in boy bands the memebers are picked out ....
same with girl bands .. like spice girls
so i guess same story with black eyed peas


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Feb 21, 2004
As far as I understand, the boy bands and girl bands are normally creatures of some powerful producers who only wanna make money. That's why such bands sooner or later fall apart.

Second type of bands are the ones build on pure enthusiasm of its originators.

I have a great deal of respect for the latter- to get all the way from the streets and cheap bars to worldwide recognition is impressive. (Queen, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, etc)


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Oct 30, 2001
They absolutely suck monkey butts. I've never heard so much drivel in my entire life *

* not entirely true i once heard 11.6 seconds of Atomic kitten's classic "whole again"

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