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Jun 9, 2003
Betting scandal delays Serie B start
Monday 9 August, 2004

The betting scandal that swept through Serie A towards the end of last season is reaching a head with 40 people recommended for trial and the Serie B season delayed until Sept 12.

The matter will probably be brought before the Disciplinary Commission on August 16 and an appeal to the CAF no earlier than September 3.

Because of these expected delays and possible changes to the entire Serie A and B line-up, the start of the Serie B season will now officially be delayed until September 12, confirmed the FIGC this evening.

Federal Prosecutor Emidio Frascione has asked Chievo, Siena and Sampdoria to be charged with indirect responsibility for the alleged bets, but it’s reported that Modena have the more serious accusation of direct responsibility.

If the players are found guilty of the more serious charges they risk long bans from activity, but the clubs could face a points penalty or even automatic relegation.

Of the 40 people involved, 15 have been accused of illicit sporting behaviour, 10 for failing to report the infraction of rules and 15 for violating the principles of sport. This last group would appear to be those who placed bets on football matches, which is illegal if you are registered as a player, Coach or director of any club.

Those accused of various charges include ex-Siena Coach Giuseppe Papadopulo (pictured), Chievo’s current director of sport Giovanni Sartori, former tactician Gigi Del Neri and ex-Ancona boss Giovanni Galeone.

Sampdoria star and Italian international Stefano Bettarini is included in the list of players accused of illicit sporting behaviour, along with Modena’s Antonio Marasco, while Generoso Rossi, Roberto D’Aversa and Nicola Ventola have allegedly breached the principles of sport.

However, most of the ‘crimes’ these people are accused of involve failing to alert the authorities to the possibility of an infraction of the rules.

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