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Jul 12, 2002
Best Manager

Rehagel and Brukner

Luckiest Manager

Big Phil Scholari

Worst Manager
Advocaat and Trapatoni in equal measure

Best Player
Actually noone really stands out for me in the entertainment factor but Rooney, Baros, Carvalho,Zargorakis and Maniche have had fantastic tournaments

Worst player
Not sure why Totti is universally chosen as he only played 1 game and though what he did was silly that does not constitute bad play
Raul and Dp were awful to my personal disappointment but Van Der Meyde takes my vote as he was bordering on the scandalous

Biggest surprise

Ashley Cole was a revelation and Gatusso just blew me over with his displays at this level, Lahm was awesome as was Miguel but the biggest is the entire Greek team , they have been fantastic

Best team

Worst team
Russia and Bulgaria

Most disappointing team
France, they never got going

Worst match
Croatia and Switzerland

Worst decision by a manager
Taking off gatusso, Cassano and Dp against Sweden was terrible but Advocaat just pipped him by taking off Robben against Czech republic
honourable mentions
Taking off Rooney against France and not taking off Raul in against Portugal

Best goal
Rui Costa against England
Maniche against Holland
Heinz against Germany
Baros against Denmark and Holland

Best game
Czech rep vs Holland
Most dramatic
England vs portugal

Worst miss
Missing from penalty spot is not really a huge miss to me but Beckham was ashocker but its not as bad to me as Schneider's misses against Czech and Koller's against Greece
Dp's against Bulgaria was shocking as well as were Raul's howlers against Greece and Henry's against Switzerland and the horror in the dying moments against Greece again

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Mar 9, 2004
Best coach

Otto, for leading some of europes least techincal players to the final.

Worst coach

Rudi voller, for playing conservative tactics and choosing to omit youth from the squad.

Best player

C. Ronaldo

Worst player

Best team

Czech republic

Worst team


Best match

Czech republic holland
Worst match

Switzerland croatia

Best goal

Tommason vs Sweden

Worst miss

Raul Vs Greece, Manchine Vs Spain.


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Oct 30, 2001
Best coach has to be Rehhagel
Worst I'd say Inaki Saez
Best Player Ricardo Carvalho
Worst Player David trezeguet or raul
best team the Czechs
Worst team the russians
Best match czech Rep holland
Worst match Swiss croatia
best goal Rui Costs v england
worst miss the raul header against greece


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May 14, 2004
Best coach

Otto Rehhagel

Worst coach

Giovanni Trappatoni

Best player

Wayne Rooney
Milan Baros
Cristiano Ronaldo

Worst player

Francesco Totti

Best team

Czech Republic

Worst team


Best match

England v Portugal

Worst match


Best goal

Maniche againts The Netherlands
Ibrahimovic against Italia

Worst miss

Beckham penalty
Pauleta's misses against The Netherlands


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Jul 14, 2002
Best coach

Scolari, Rehhagel, Bruckner

Worst coach

Saez, Trapattoni

Best Goalkeeper


Best Right Back

Miguel, Seitaridis

Best Left Back

Cole, Zambrotta

Best Centre Back

Carvalho, Dellas

Best Defensive Midfielder

Maniche, Zagorakis

Best Right Midfielder

Ronaldo, Poborsky

Best Left Midfielder

Robben, Nedved

Best Attacking Midfielder


Best Forward/Striker

Baros, Rooney

Worst player

Trezeguet, Raul, Totti

Best team

Czech Rep, Greece and Portugal were all very good

Worst team


Best match

Netherlands-Czech Republic, Portugal-England

Worst match


Best goal

Maniche vs Holland

Worst miss

Raul vs Greece


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Jul 14, 2002
Precisely my thoughts, but I wouldn't want to be the man to choose who would start between Cole and Zambrotta at LB, and Maniche and Zagorakis in the holding midfield role.
Jan 7, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Stuart ] ++
Precisely my thoughts, but I wouldn't want to be the man to choose who would start between Cole and Zambrotta at LB, and Maniche and Zagorakis in the holding midfield role.

well as a man with values and passion for juve i would never put zagorakis and cole in front of zambo and maniche.

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