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Jul 14, 2002
What are the best matches you have actually attended?

doesnt matter why you thought it was good... Quality, atmosphere etc etc

Doesnt matter what level... International, cl, top flight or 5th division.. who cares

Jus as long as you were there... what were your favs?

The best game I ever went to was :

River - Juve - Intercontinental Cup 1996 - Tokyo

Fantastic match between 2 great teams in front of a wonderful crowd ,topped off with a briliant del piero and juve raising the cup

Others that I will allways remember :

Juve - Viola - 1983.... Oh Platini!!!!

Eng - Scot - Euro 96... Sublime Gazza

Eng - Holland - Euro 96... Unbeleivable

Ajax - Juve - Cl Final 96 ... Juve lifts Euro Cup

Juve - Manu - Cl Semi 99 ... We lost but what a match

Juve - Real - Cl Semi 03 ... What an atmosphere at the delle alpi

Everton - Watford - FA Cup Final 1984... !00k People at wembley, Stunning

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Nov 16, 2001
One of the best games I've been to is Djurgården-Partizan earlier this year. We were 30 000 Djurgården supporters and we created probably the best atmosphere since AIK's champions league games back in 98. The game was great with brilliant play especially from our side. Unfortunately it ended 2-2 which ment that we didn't go through to the CL. :down:
But we'll be back next year.

My top two are longer stories so you will hear about them next year ;)


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Jun 9, 2003
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2 Spain

Wonderful match, Bosnia played it's ass off, probably our best performance ever. We were unlucky to lose by a Exteberria wonder volley from 20 yards.

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-1 Denmark

That day was probably the best day in the last year for Bosnia. We didnt make it to the EC, but that day the whole country was unoted, people were coming from all of Europe to wathc the game, there was this wave of euphoria and togetherness you could feel everywhere, it was simply fantastic.

Even after the match, the whole stadium sang and cheered our boys together. It was simply brilliant. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. :touched:


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Sep 16, 2003
Oh, this is easy.

1994 World Cup, Italia vs. Spain, Boston(Foxboro) Massachusetts. Quarterfinals. There were about 55,000 people there, and I was with my dad and about 20 of my friends. I had my #10 (Italia) jersey on, my face painted blue and white, Italian and US flags flying everywhere, and I damn near had a heart attack when Roby scored with only a few minutes left. All of us were screaming, crying, every possible joyful emotion you can imagine.

There were three Juventini as well, Dino Baggio, Conte, and of course Roby.

I went to the Italia-Nigeria match as well, when Roby won that one as well, in extra time, but the match with Spain was wonderful.

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Jul 12, 2002
France v. Italia - World Cup 1986 Mexico City :(

USA v. AC Milan - Chicago 1991

Argentina v. Nigeria - 1996 Olympics Gold Medal Atlanta

Brescia v. Juventus - Coppa Italia 2000

Juventus v. Milan - Italian Super Cup 2003 New York

Siena v. Cagliari, Serie B 2002


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Nov 10, 2003
++ [ originally posted by -CSD- ] ++
best matches i've been too..not much :undecide:

i think the KL World 5's

not football, but who cares
LOL, you've been there?



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Nov 23, 2003
I don't really know...
If things turned out differently, I'd say last year's Champions League final which I sold my soul to attend.. :down:


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Nov 16, 2001
One game I really enjoyed was Elfsborg-Djurgården. We were 14 000 fans who took the bus down to Borås to watch the game which could lead to our first gold since 1966.
The game was great and we got the gold after all these years of waiting. The trip was just a party, a bit too much for one of us who had to be taken to the hospital on the way home.


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Nov 16, 2001
I took the 20 hour bus to Copenhagen along with 4000 other fans to watch FC Köpenhamn - Djurgården. The long journey never got boring really.
Well there we took over the town completely. It was blue-blue all over the town.

Sadly the party was sort of destroyed by the police. Some hours before the game they showed up and started to control us completely. :mad:

We were not allowed to walk where we wanted. Everyone with a Stone island jacket or a aquascutum or burberry cap would be searched f you tried to make some resistance they would beat you. We were escorted by the police to the stadium, and it was not exactly in a nice way. :mad:

On the stands we sang them out completely, it must have been really embarassing for them. We dominated the game mainly through Andreas Johansson but also Kim Källström had his times. But we couldn't score this day but neither could they so the game ended 0-0. A few weeks later we won 3-1 at home and got to the final qualification stage for the Champions League :down:

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