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Jul 14, 2002
Barca announce Albertini arrival
Sunday 23 January, 2005

Barcelona’s official website has announced the imminent arrival of Atalanta midfielder Demetrio Albertini.

The Spanish club has been in advanced negotiations with 33-year-old Albertini for over a week and Atalanta had originally ruled out releasing him mid-season.

However, he discussed terms for terminating his contract over the last couple of days and will be handed $350,000 over the next five months at the Nou Camp.

“Of course we would like to keep him,” commented Atalanta Coach Delio Rossi this evening, “but how can you stop a 33-year-old when he has the opportunity to join a big club?”

Albertini was specifically requested by Frank Rijkaard, who was his former teammate at Milan in the 1990’s.

Rijkaard has been eyeing a Serie A star to reinforce Barca’s midfield, also contacting Juve’s Alessio Tacchinardi and Roma man Olivier Dacourt.

Albertini is set to fly out to Spain on Monday and sign the five-month contract within the next 48 hours. It is a return to La Liga for the veteran midfielder, who also had a successful campaign with Atletico Madrid.


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Jul 12, 2002
:LOL: Yeah, they're crazy. They're leading La Liga by ten points and kicking ass all the way. They need a player in the case that Marquez gets injured, and only until their injured midfielders get back. So, what's wrong with Albertini?

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