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Jul 12, 2002
to me it seems as baiocco isn't the man for us. the times i've seen him(the most recent is the newcastle match) he hasn't looked good at all IMO, and just seemed not good enough.

i don't think he awfully unadapted to the team, and i don't think he struggles with a new position or something like that, i simply think it's a general lack of skill, he seems like a typical perugia player to me.

do you agree? does anybody think he can be useful for us?

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Oct 30, 2001
he's just not good enough. he's a steady average player for an average team, but not for a team like Juve, we shouldn't have the likes of him in the squad.
Jul 12, 2002
Not at all. Baiocco is a good solid player who is exactly what we need on our bench. However, due to Brighi's untimely departure, Baiocco will be playing more, that's just how it is.


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Jul 12, 2002
Any player who is not as good or just slightly less than a first teamer imo is useless to any squad. When its time to step up and you cannot do that what is the point, we might as well use a youth team player, but to buy a player of his calibre and say we have a solid bench is not true

Its all about opinions but just buying players of any quality is not actually adding to your squad quality wise its just increasing your wage bill, as its not helping competition for places

I never thought he was any good at Perugia and he has not done anything at Juve to sway my mind but its early days yet, his performances might improve but his ability will not, and what we do not need is another honest to god plodding hard worker, heaven knows we have too much of those

More quality plzzzzzzzzzz


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Jul 12, 2002
i can't even imagine why he's playing.neddy,davids,tudor,tacchi are all better than him so why is he given a place in the starting XI?


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Jul 15, 2002
You think Lippi is stupid don't you? Will he let a player that is not good enough for a team like Juve to play as a first team player since the beginning of the season if other players are really better than him? And is the board stupid enough to buy useless and not having any ability for such a big club like Juve? Last week, I heard Conte said that the way Baiocco plays makes he remember him when he was young. Oh! And if any of you at that time think that Conte was not good than now you must have been change your idea.:D


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Oct 15, 2002
I think Juve could get better player than Baiocco. I can't understand why player of his abilities plays in the starting XI/ I don't think that he will progress in his age


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Jul 17, 2002
We made a lot of bad buys these season.....

the only good part is that we didnt spend too much (except for DV), and we now have great team depth.

Baiocco and Fresi are only as good as bench players as many of u said. he's not a top class players, but concidering juve's midfield status, he's better than nothing. At least maybe Tudor wont have to play in Mid as much....

I just wish Brighi stayed! :down: though we sacrificed him to get DV.

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