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Jul 12, 2002
Years ago I went for promotion to Helpdesk Supervisor, there was me (internal candidate) and an outside candidate. The other lady was an Airline Stewardess and was extremely pretty.

My boyfriend also worked at the same place as me and got me a copy of the tests they give you and also the answers......nobody ever gets these right, they are ones where they supposed to be able to tell what kind of a person you are, and how well you cope!

Well I memorised the answers and in the test got 96%....the Air Stewardess got 6%.....

they took me in and said how great I'd done, and they were really impressed and when a higher vacancy came up I would be considered!!!!!!!

The guy doing the interviews fancied the stewardess so much, he made it known!, she was single, so I knew she was going to be offered the job...

Anyway after 1 day in the job, she realised she couldn't handle it and never came the cheeky people then offered it to me.....needless to say I turned it down!!!!

It was fun to cheat!!!!!!.....just to see the look on their faces at the great score I got!!!!!..


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May 26, 2003
nice thread...

am getting nervous quickly :fero: and i sometimes cant control my self ... but i get calm after 15 or 30 min. :angel:

i also have a very bad habit :devil: that i hope i could change it as soon as possible.. when i am late to the university i drive my car in a crazy way.. i sometimes drive 220 km/h .. and i know its danger but what should i do! :D


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Jun 4, 2003
im always breaking my mums best dinner plates! :D but then i go buy her some more! :angel:

also i smoke like a bloody chimney :groan: but im gonna give up at the start of the year! ive been promising myself that for the the last eight years! :D:D

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