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Jul 28, 2003
basically, it gives friendly matches less points.. and these points depends on how big the competition is.. is it continental or international..
for example.. Brazil was at the top of the ranking from 1994(when they win the world cup) till 1998 (when they lost) and france became #1 just after WC98 final..

mexico & usa are in the list coz they did well in the gold cup.. which a good teams there.. even brazil (invited) played with their second team..

the bottom line, this system is not even 50% accurate and should be changed..
this system should be changed..
Aug 27, 2003
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When I first read the topic, I said to myself Ok it doesn't need to be number 1 but pls at least beat USA for me...

Fxxking unbelievable!!

What have the yanks played lately anyway!??
well basicly why the us is so up high is becos their matches are always played with suky teams most of the the world cup qulifacations and all they alwyas beat canada and have reached the world cup and their friendly matches are alwyas won!
so thats what put them waay high up
as for us when we were in our down point we lost many places we zommed from 7th to 10th then to 13th now were coming back up to 11th yaaaay


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Jul 30, 2003
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ITALY ARE FAR BETTER THAT ENGLAND!!!!!! , mexico, turkey and usa put together. Them rankings are discraceful.
there are on paper but not when they have trouble beating wales, serbia and montenegro, south korea , mexico.... performancewise i would rate south korea way higher than italy... people always say how stupid the FIFA ranking is but never come with any brilliant suggestion themselves .. do they ever bother to read how they determined the ranking? ... it is no really an easy task creating an international day one team was beaten by Equador and another day they won the world , the team with the more star players dont get more points... and based on the FIFA ranking teams dont get more points playing against crappy teams.. they give the points based on the opponents position in the ranking...a 3-0 against Brazil will give u more points than a 3-0 win vs Laos... and the impotance of the match is also considered... so US and Mexico doesnt simply got many points becoz they played many match agaisnt crappy teams in the Gold Cup... they simply got many pints becoz they played MANY MATCH in the Gold Cup... the played more matched than other teams in the top ten so its rather logic that they score more points ... it is their continental tournament... i bet after EURO 2004 we wont see US and Mexico even near the top ten becoz its the europeans turn to play more...
so thats how the system work.. match peformance based.. not the reputation of their players nor the glamour of their league... and its rather fair Italy have a not so high ranking... they werent so brilliant anymore these days.. just hope that they can come out winner against Wales tonite..


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Jun 6, 2003
ppfff fifa ranking Sucks

wath the hell spain ever did???? NOTHING 1euro cup

italy got 3world cup's and 1 euro cup

than brazil always got lucky that team is good but italy got a much better team than brazil , only look at ore names

spain and turkey dosend desurf even the top 10 and let's not talk about mexico england and usa DAMMNNN not even the top 15

italy is the
best soccer country national team and clubs togheter 100%

the real ranking is the Gino ranking and its so






1250)espanja (****ing stupid team lost at greece and tie game with al the luck from the world againts ukrain TTSsss i hate this team **** ESPANJA!!!!)

the top 5that you are now looking at are the best team's ever nobody is gowing to change that spain have never and will never atchief wath Italia ,france,brazil,germany and argentina did

those are the 5best teams ever and they will always be the 5best's team's ever FORZA NOI FORZA THE BEST FORZA ITALIA

We won 3world cup's and we have won the most champions leageu's so that's wy i am PROUD TO BE ITALIAN!!!! (ps also becaus ower girls arreee the cutiest hehehe and we hehehehehhe LOL) Ciaooo

Aug 28, 2003
Gino calm down. First of all I have to tell you this ranking is a recent thing it doesn't count what the teams did in 1930's or 50's. It looks at recent performances and in recent years besides reaching the final in Euro 2000 Italy hasn't been that good actually on a side note neiher has Spain, but I guess they played more friendles then you guys. Turkey reached the 3rd place in th WC and we are doing a good job with our matches.

P.S. I see someone rates the Czech's higher than Turkey hahahahaha don't make me laugh, just because we lost to their A team 4-0 with our B team hahahahaha

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