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Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
Yes, and thats what I mean- LM= left side of midfield!!! Thats what I mean.... except they attack as often as they can, while the defenders try and hold their own with some help from the central mids who support the back if the need arises.

Dont forget we can use only one winger at once if needed. Zambo is decent at defending, Nedved is comfortable all over Mid.

Oh I forgot! We have 4 first -team attackers....... stupid me :rolleyes:
Jul 12, 2002
Yeah, what I meant with the whole wing-forward thing was that they are players that either play win and attack from the wing, or play forward and attack from the wing. Salas is just a forward that plays in the middle, but is not a pure finisher.
Jul 12, 2002
Yes, so while this type of player can be very useful, they can also be a hinderance if not properly supported.

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