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Sep 21, 2008
Milik is an ideal fit with Ronaldo tbh I just don’t like that injury history.
Then again there is a guy like Dzeko who has as many assists this year as Milik has in the last 4 seasons combined. :snoop:

The smart move would be to work a plusvalenza book cooking deal with Roma to get Dzeko for a year while Milik's contract winds down and tell Napoli to fuck off.
Jun 16, 2020
Well, if he comes on a free or for a shade under 20 million, then it's ok. For free, he'd be a good signing, for 18-20 million it's still an ok deal, but for anything above 20 million, I'd be against it.
Probably a swap with Bernardeschi. I think they have the same value.

Ronaldo, Dybala, Milik, Costa and Kulusevski. Nice. Younger, cheaper and probably better.

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